What to Know Before Getting Dental Veneers

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Dental veneers can help you improve your smile and feel more confident about your appearance. Receiving dental veneers requires you to visit a dentist for the procedure. Before you get dental veneers, here is what you should know:


There are two major types of veneers. The first type is traditional dental veneers, which are usually made of porcelain. In order to install traditional veneers, there is prep work involved. A dentist must make a mold of your veneers, grind down your tooth structure, and sometimes remove some tooth beyond the enamel. This work is irreversible but required to install veneers. The other type of veneers is no-prep veneers, which require little to no preparation or alterations to your mouth.

The first step in receiving veneers is visiting the dentist. If you are nervous about making this first step, here is what you can expect. The preliminary appointment involves you visiting a dentist to discuss your options. They will evaluate your smile and make recommendations that are most suitable for your specific needs. During this appointment, you may have X-rays taken to look at the health of your teeth. Dentists look for gum disease, tooth decay, and the need for root canals before going ahead with the next step in the dental veneer process.

Once you and your dentist decide veneers are for you, you will have the procedural appointment. The procedure begins with cleaning. Then, dental cement is applied to bond your veneers to your teeth. An ultraviolet light hardens this cement quickly, so your veneers are installed and ready to go! This appointment usually doesn’t last longer than two hours.

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