manhattan veneers

Dr. Lattinelli offers veneers for our patients who are looking for improvements in their smile. Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that are bonded to existing teeth. They serve a variety of purposes in dentistry:

  • Close gaps between teeth
  • Correct minor misalignments
  • Improve discolorations in teeth
  • Correct a fracture or chip in a tooth

Porcelain is very effective for veneers. When properly installed, porcelain can last from 10-20 years. Placing veneers is normally a two-visit process. The first visit is used to determine the color of the existing teeth for proper matching. An impression of the teeth is made and sent to a laboratory to fabricate the veneer. On a return visit, Dr. Lattinelli will remove a small amount of the existing tooth enamel to prepare a proper bonding surface for the veneer. The veneer is test-fitted and small corrections are made for a perfect fit. A bonding agent is added and light cured to seal the veneer to the existing tooth. Dr. Lattinelli will then polish the tooth to make a smooth edge where the veneer meets the tooth.

There are other veneer materials available such as resin composites. Dr. Lattinelli can discuss the best options for you if you need veneers to correct a dental problem. Contact us today for a consultation.