Why You Should Get Invisalign

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Are you unsatisfied with your smile? Is your bite unaligned? Are you interested in straighter teeth? If you are answered any of these questions with “yes,” you should consider Invisalign. To learn why you should get Invisalign, keep on reading.

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Invisalign straightens your teeth using customized aligners created just for you. Each set of aligners is designed specifically for your teeth. These aligners are comfortable, smooth, and almost invisible. When wearing Invisalign liners, your teeth are gently and gradually shifted into place.

Invisalign is an excellent alternative to braces. Unlike braces, Invisalign does not require wires or metal brackets. Invisalign is also removable, while braces cannot be taken off on your own. Braces can also cause pain, discomfort, tooth decay, difficulty eating, tooth and bracket breakage, discoloration, mouth sores, and injuries caused by the metal brackets. With braces, you are also limited to the food you can eat. No more popcorn, apples, or corn on the cob with braces.

If you are deciding between metal braces and Invisalign, know that both options cost about the same. However, you should consult with your dentist for more specific pricing.

Invisalign can correct your smile and boost your confidence. Aligning your teeth can also improve your overall oral health. When using Invisalign, you can eat the foods you want and brush and floss like you normally would. Invisalign was designed to help straighten your teeth, correct your crossbite, fix crowding, assist with your overbite, or correct your underbite.

To enjoy the benefits of Invisalign, reach out to Joseph C. Lattinelli, DMD and associates. Our dental practice can help you receive Invisalign to correct your smile and boost your confidence. If you are interested in receiving a consultation, call the offices of Dr. Lattinelli at 212-752-7188. We are located at 121 East 60th Street in New York, New York, and we hope to work with you soon!

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