Why Flossing Your Teeth is Important

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Flossing is important and it’s something that’s been drilled into our minds from a very young age. Flossing on a regular basis helps remove plaque and prevents tartar from forming which is caused due to the built-up plaque in our mouth. This happens when food particles get stuck on our teeth and it stays stuck for a long time because our toothbrush couldn’t reach it.

While you might not see food particles stuck in between your teeth, they’re right there and ready to rot and spoil your smile soon. Flossing regularly ensures these food particles are out of your mouth and you have good oral hygiene.

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While flossing is good for your teeth, it’s also highly beneficial for your gums. It’s one of the best ways to prevent gum diseases or periodontal diseases, which are not easy to treat. Once you contract gum infections, you’ll need to make multiple trips to the dentist just so you can get the condition treated. This would take up a lot of time and isn’t the easiest procedure either. You can prevent it by just flossing regularly.

Another advantage of flossing is it prevents bad breath. When food particles get stuck in your teeth, they begin rotting over a period of time. This slowly starts getting converted into bad breath. When this happens, no amount of mint or mouthwash can take away the bad smell.

Flossing your teeth in the middle of the day can also be very convenient. People are usually accustomed to brushing their teeth in the morning and the night. However, during the day there is no protection for the teeth and brushing at night may be too little too late at times. Since flossing is convenient and can be done at your seat, you can do it multiple times a day. This helps maintain dental hygiene throughout the day.

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