What to Expect During Your Routine Dental Visit

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Many people avoid dental visits because they are afraid of the unknown. Dr. Lattinelli explains what to expect during your routine dental visit so you can feel prepared for your appointment.

What to expect during your routine dental visit

Your Medical History

You will be asked about the history of your oral health and your lifestyle, including medications, alcohol consumption, smoking status, and if you have any allergies. The dentist also needs to know about any medical conditions that require a doctor’s care, past surgeries, and how you react to anesthesia.

The Actual Process

X-rays will need to be taken. An X-ray machine is a very important tool as it can detect dental abnormalities that the dentist is unable to see with the eye. X-rays need to be taken of your full mouth and any potentially atypical areas will be addressed. For the most part, patients do not usually require X-rays during each dental visit. The amount of radiation that patients are exposed to while undergoing X-rays is low. Feel free to mention any concerns that you may have regarding radiation exposure to your dentist.

Part of the routine dental visit is to have your teeth cleaned. Ultrasonic apparatus is often utilized during the teeth cleaning process. The dentist or hygienist will gently scrape away any tartar build-up on your teeth as well as under your gums. Your dentist will examine your mouth visually at this point and look for any obvious abnormalities. Your teeth will then be beautifully polished. You will be given information about proper brushing and flossing in order to assist you in continuing an effective oral hygiene regimen.

An oral cancer screening will be performed during your routine appointment. Oral cancer can quickly spread and become life-threatening if it is not caught early. Dentists nowadays are educated in order to identify indicators of oral cancer at various stages; therefore, the region around your jaws along with the soft tissues in your mouth will be carefully inspected by your dentist as an important precaution.

Summary of Visit

After cleaning your teeth, visually checking for blatant problems, and reviewing your X-ray results, the dentist will speak with you about his or her findings. Your dentist will explain a plan of treatment for any issues that may have come to light. You may be referred to a specialist for a complicated matter if your dentist thinks it is necessary.

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