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Looking to improve your smile? If so, veneers are an optimal choice for many who are seeking a bright, white, and eye-catching smile. However, there are pros and cons to veneers, so read on to learn about these perks and downfalls.

Veneers can remove years of stains and discoloration. However, any teeth that are not covered by the veneers can change color over time. If you don’t decide to get an entire mouth of veneers, there may be some color differences between the veneers and your natural teeth. To avoid this, take great care of your teeth, visit your dentist routinely, and consider safe whitening products.

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Veneers are strong and easy to take care of. Veneers are designed to hold up against daily chewing, biting, and staining. Whether eating an apple or drinking coffee, veneers can withstand stress. However, a con to veneers is that they are not invincible. Users should still avoid grinding their teeth or eating hard foods to prevent potential breaking.

One of the most appealing perks of veneers is that they fix the appearance of any damaged teeth or gaps. Veneers are placed over flawed teeth, covering the unflattering appearance and creating a flawless one. However, a con to veneers is that once the procedure is done, there’s no going back. The bonding veneers take to teeth is firm, which means they cannot be easily removed.

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