The Guide to Great Oral Health

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When we think about our health, we don’t always include our oral health. However, taking care of our oral health is just as important as the rest of our bodies. If you want to improve your oral health, but are worried about expensive, time-consuming or difficult care, don’t worry. The following blog post contains details about how you can achieve great oral health with ease.

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The first and most obvious step to achieving spectacular oral health is brushing. Most of us brush our teeth at least twice a day. This is an important step to take to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Brush your teeth at a 45-degree angle, focusing on where your gums and teeth meet. Be gentle when brushing to prevent receding gums. Strive to clean the entire surface, including your cheeks and tongue. Don’t rush when brushing your teeth, as the process should take at least two minutes.

Another key step to good oral hygiene is interdental cleaning. Brushing alone is not enough to remove all bacteria and plaque. Clean between your teeth at least once a day with dental floss, tape, interdental brushes or an electric water flosser.

Certain substances should be avoided in order to achieve optimal oral health. Harmful oral bacteria feeds on sugar, to reduce the number of sweets in your diet. You will also want to be wary of acidic foods and drinks, which can wear enamel over time. Excessive alcohol consumption and smoking are additional activities that can be harmful to your oral health.

The final step in taking care of your oral health is visiting your dentist on a regular basis. If you are in need of a dentist, consider the office of Dr. Lattinelli. Our dental office is an outstanding location to meet your dental needs. Visit our website to schedule an appointment, or give us a call at 212-752-7188.

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