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Dr. Lattinelli can perform dental whitening to improve the look of your smile. Coffee, tea, smoking, some foods, and aging are all factors that lead to color changes in your teeth. In-office whitening can normally occur in one visit. A peroxide solution is placed against the teeth after a gel or protective covering is placed over the gums to protect them, then laser light is used to activate the bleaching process. Whitening can also occur at home, using a custom mouth guard supplied by our office. A peroxide solution is applied on a schedule recommended by Dr. Lattinelli, perhaps for days to weeks depending on the amount of whitening required.

Whitening can be an effective way to brighten teeth without the need for veneers or other more complex procedures, and it is a useful first step to improving your smile. If you desire a brighter and whiter smile, contact Dr. Lattinelli today for a dental whitening consultation. We love to help our clients gain a brighter smile!