Remarkable Effectiveness of Root Canal Therapy

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Many patients hear the words “root canal” and go into a panic, not fully understanding what the procedure entails. Our Upper West Side dentist┬áis here to keep you informed and let you know about the remarkable effectiveness of root canal therapy. This is an advanced procedure that usually results in little or no pain and discomfort, while restoring a weakened tooth to its previous, healthy strength.

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The root canals are tiny passageways that branch off from the top of your teeth, down to the tip of the root. Every tooth has one to four of them. Should your tooth become infected, the infection can spread through these canals to the pulp of the tooth-the inner chamber containing blood vessels and nerve endings. If this infection should worsen, it can affect the roots as well. Root canal therapy is an effective method of removing these infections, stopping their spread, and saving the still-healthy portions of the tooth.

Root canal therapy works by drilling a small hole in the surface of the infected tooth. Diseased tissue is removed through this hole, and the inside of the tooth is cleansed and disinfected. The canals are reshaped, and both chamber and canals are filled with a material designed to prevent further infection. A permanent seal is eventually made over the hole via a crown on the tooth. This procedure is relatively painless, completely safe, and decidedly effective.

It is vital that you have the health of your teeth checked regularly by our Manhattan cosmetic dentist, as well as maintaining a strict regimen of good dental hygiene. If an infection is caught early enough, a root canal can save you from having to have one of your teeth removed. Our dental office technicians are expertly trained in this practice, and promise you the best care you can possibly receive.