Ouch! Winter Weather, Toothaches, & Sensitivity

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When we think of winter, we may think of chapped lips or dry skin, but what about toothaches and sensitivity? Believe it or not, winter weather can actually cause tooth sensitivity. If you want to learn how, continue reading this blog post.

Over time our tooth enamel wears down and our gums recede. When this happens, our teeth are more sensitive to temperature changes. In addition, during the cold winter months, our teeth contract as a response to the weather. The contracting and expanding can actually lead to cracks in teeth, which causes notable discomfort. When your teeth crack, vulnerable microscopic tubes beneath the enamel are exposed. This pain feels similar to cavities or gum disease.

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To avoid this discomfort, you want to be sure you’re taking excellent care of your teeth. Reduce the wear of enamel and gums by visiting your dentist at least twice a year. You also want to avoid brushing too vigorously, grinding your teeth, whitening your teeth too often, acidic beverages and tobacco.

If you already have sensitive teeth, there are some potential fixes you can try. For example, fluoride applications can be applied to sensitive teeth to strengthen enamel. Your dentist can also cover root surfaces with sealants or create mouth guards to prevent grinding or clenching. Finally, root canal treatments can be done to repair damaged teeth.

If you experience tooth sensitivity, it is probably time to see a doctor. Some solutions to tooth sensitivity are relatively simple, so catching the problem early can reduce your problems down the road. If you are interested in seeing a dentist for your sensitivity problems this winter, consider the offices of Dr. Lattinelli. We here at the offices of Dr. Lattinelli are trained to care for patients with sensitive teeth, so you will be in good hands during your visit. Schedule an appointment today by calling 212-752-7188!

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