Make the Most of Your Invisalign Aligners This Holiday Season

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At Christmas, our normal routines can be disrupted by parties and holiday food. If you are using Invisalign aligners, it is important not to change your routine about your dental care. Here are some things to remember when wearing your Invisalign system during the Christmas season.

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Follow your dentist’s program — For the Invisalign system to work correctly, you need to wear the aligners for the recommended amount of time every day. If you start missing days during the holiday season, you may not get the proper realignment provided by the system. You could be unhappy with the results at the completion of the treatment. Your dentist will tell you how to use the system properly, so follow that advice and don’t take days off.

Keep the aligners clean — People who wear any kind of alignment system, whether braces or Invisalign, have a higher risk of developing tooth or gum disease. It’s very important to keep your Invisalign aligners clean during the Christmas season or any time you are eating rich or sugary foods. Clean them regularly by rinsing them in warm water.

Keep up your oral hygiene program — Keeping your teeth clean is always important, but even more so during the holidays. You should always remove your aligners when you eat or clean your teeth. This allows you to clean your mouth completely and will also prevent food from being trapped inside the aligners.

Christmas is a great time to enjoy foods we often don’t see the rest of the year, and there’s no reason to stop enjoying them if you have Invisalign as long as you follow the suggestions above. If you have any questions about your Invisalign system, please contact us here at Dr. Lattinelli’s office. We will be happy to answer your questions; we can also arrange a consultation if you are interested in using the Invisalign system.