Get a Beautiful Smile Fast with Laser Whitening!

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Tribeca Smile Makeover | Manhattan Cosmetic Dentist

Upper East Side Smile Makeover

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. Since your teeth are such an important part of first impressions, you want them to look their best. Dr. Lattenelli can help you with that. Our office offers quick, easy, and painless laser tooth whitening services.

Since 1995, lasers have been used to whiten teeth. Today, however, the technology has become so advanced that after just one appointment you’re smile can brighten five to even ten shades. This is how it works: a certain type of laser will be selected by your doctor, the most popular being the argon laser. Then, teeth whitening chemicals are placed on your teeth. The light from the laser activates the chemicals and speeds up the chemical’s reaction, allowing for the teeth to change color. After the procedure, the dentist uses fluoride treatment to help the whitening process and strengthen the teeth. With most Manhattan dental procedures, a custom-fit tray will be given to you for color maintenance.

The lustrous shimmering effect on your teeth lasts based on how you care for your teeth after the optimal color has been obtained. Dentists recommend you avoid the biggest tooth staining offenders: coffee, tobacco, dark soda, and blueberries. These should be completely excluded from your diet for at least the first week after treatment.

If you’re looking for a fast but professional way to brighten your smile, ask about laser teeth whitening today.