Important Reasons for Dental Consultations

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Visiting the dentist for a consultation is a non-invasive procedure where you discuss your dental issues and other concerns. While most dental consultations are free, some dental care providers charge a nominal fee in order to cover their time. At a dental consultation, the dentist only examines your teeth and gums but does not perform any procedure. A dental consultation is usually performed before undergoing a dental procedure, but it can be done at any time.

The importance of a dental consultation is often undermined. More than half of the population does not go for a regular dental checkup even when it’s free. It is advisable that a dental consultation is done once every six months even when one enjoys good oral health. Here are some of the important reasons for dental consultations.

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It Helps Detect Oral Problems

The primary reason why you must schedule dental consultations is to help detect any oral problems that you may have. At the visit, the dentist will perform a complete oral checkup on you to determine the problem and its cause. Determining a problem is often the first step in treating it, making a dental consultation thus important.

It Helps You Explore Your Options

If you have a dental problem, your dentist will help you explore the treatment options you have available. Not every procedure is right for everyone. Therefore, a proper discussion with your dentist will help you pick a solution. Whether you need an extraction, a filling, or implants, at a consultation, the dentist will explain the options to you.

It Helps You Understand Procedures

Before going for any dental procedure, it is important you understand it well. At a dental consultation, the dentist explains the dental procedures to you so that you have a better understanding of your problem and its treatment. You will also be explained the requirements for each procedure and if they have any complication. This will help you be better prepared to undergo any dental invasive or non-invasive procedure.

It Helps You Be Financially Prepared

If you’re supposed to have a major dental procedure, you need to be financially prepared for it. At a dental consultation, you get to explore your payment options and find out about insurance or other financial help available. In case you are unable to pay at once, ask about the payment plans available.

Dental consultations are necessary even when you enjoy good oral health. A consultation every six months helps to ensure your teeth and gums are in great shape. If you are in need of a dental consultation, contact our office to schedule an appointment. Dr. Lattinelli and his team of professionals offer a full array of dental services and would be pleased to assist you. Located at 121 East 60th St, we can also be reached at (212) 752-7188.

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