Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

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When most people think of straightening teeth, they envision it as a purely cosmetic process, especially since the most obvious result of the procedure is a beautiful smile. While it is true that straight teeth have an undeniable appeal, there are some additional health benefits to consider as well.

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Teeth that are improperly grouped, such as those that are too crowded or widely spaced, can create a situation where gums don’t fit securely around teeth. In these situations, periodontal issues can arise, creating swollen red gums that can lead to other more serious problems. Invisalign aligners reshape the landscape of the mouth, gently guiding teeth to their proper positions and allowing gums to form snugly around them.

The process of re-aligning teeth isn’t new of course, dentists have been performing this procedure for years with the help of metal braces. These devices would be bonded to the individual teeth and manually adjusted by the dentist every so often until the restructuring was complete. While this procedure was by and largely successful, there were issues that could arise with the braces themselves. The uneven metal structures in the mouth had a tendency to accumulate food that was difficult to clean, exacerbating the buildup of plaque and leading to tooth decay.

The combination of tooth decay and gum disease can create localized dental issues such as sores, tender gums, and even tooth loss. Additionally, the American Dental Association has studied the effects of dental infections and shown that oral infections can also lead to other serious health problems such as heart disease, pneumonia, diabetes and even stroke.

It is clear overall that straight properly-aligned teeth are an important factor in keeping a healthy mouth and, in turn, a healthy body. While alternative options such as braces do exist, there is no better option than Invisalign for keeping the process as painless and simple as possible. Invisalign’s transparent and flexible aligners guide teeth to their proper position without the unpleasant side effects of unsightly metal brackets and wires.

Dr. Lattinelli offers the Invisalign procedure and has been recognized with the Invisalign Preferred Provider award for his success with it. If you or someone you know is in need of dental straightening, feel free to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Lattinelli. A perfect smile could be only a few months away.