Facts About Dental Implants

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Have you heard about dental implants? If you are missing teeth, and you aren’t sure how to replace the teeth you’ve missed, we have a solution. Dental implants are the best way we have to replace teeth and save your gums and jaw. Here are some facts about dental implants.


First, dental implants are very versatile. Whether you have one tooth missing, several teeth or all of your teeth are missing, we can replace your teeth with implants. Instead of replacing your teeth gradually over time, we can replace all of your missing teeth in a minimum of visits.

Second, dental implants work well within the body. They are made of titanium, which has very little reactivity with other parts of your body. They are rarely rejected. This is great because the last thing you want to do is have your body go through a rejection process.

When you get implants, you need to know that they are permanent. You won’t have to get them replaced the way you do dentures and bridges. Sometimes, you might have to get a crown replaced as well. Once you get implants, they are with you to stay.

Best of all, having dental implants may save your jawbone. With dental implants, your jaw thinks the implant is your actual tooth. The titanium screw acts as the tooth root that anchors your prosthetic tooth to your jawbone. Blood flow and gum tissue are maintained, so your jawbone doesn’t deteriorate.

There are many things in dentistry that aren’t permanent, but dental implants aren’t one of them. Once we implant your new teeth, they will be with you for life, which is very reassuring.

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