Does Your Bad Breath Mean Something More?

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We all get bad breath from time to time, whether it’s morning breath or garlic breath. While bad breath is normal, it can also be the result of improper oral hygiene. To learn if your bad breath means something more, continue reading this blog post.

What Does Your Bad Breath Mean?

Bad breath can be caused by many things. Food particles that get stuck in your teeth can cause lingering odors and bacteria growth. To get rid of bad breath caused by food particles, be sure to brush your teeth twice a day and keep your mouth clean after eating meals. Dry mouth is another common factor that leads to bad breath. A lack of saliva causes your mouth to collect food particles and bacteria. Keep your mouth moist by drinking water regularly. Another common cause of bad breath is tobacco. Whether chewing tobacco or smoking cigarettes, these harmful habits can cause bad breath and other oral health problems.

Senior citizens with ill-fitting dentures can also have bad breath. If dentures do not fit correctly, they can collect food particles and bacteria. It can also be difficult to clean ill-fitting dentures, so consider having dentures re-fit for improved oral health.

On the more serious side, bad breath can be caused by oral infections. If your bad breath is not caused by food particles, tobacco use, or dry mouth, you might have an infection. Common infections such as periodontitis and halitosis can be treated by a dentist.

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