Dental Implants vs Dentures

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A desirable solution for missing teeth is a procedure called dental implants. Dental implants have become the preferred choice over dentures due to their numerous favored advantages. Dr. Lattinelli explains the alluring benefits below that cause dental implants to be the sought-after option among patients.

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The flexibility of dental implants is a huge plus over traditional dentures. Implants have the ability to replace anywhere from one tooth to a complete set of teeth. In contrast, dentures are only advised if a large number or all of the teeth are missing.

Unlike dentures which are manufactured out of plastic, acrylic, and cast metal, dental implants are constructed from titanium; therefore, the implants are able to fuse with the patient’s jaw bone. A wonderful advantage is that the bond is strong, secure, and permanent. This eliminates movement and sound which are common problems of patients who wear traditional dentures.

Another fantastic benefit is that dental implants maintain and encourage bone growth at the location of the implant. Bone loss starts to occur when someone has missing teeth. Since implants recreate the existence of the tooth root, the bone is revitalized at the area of the missing tooth. Unfortunately, dentures do not have the ability to sustain bone mass in the jaw and cannot prevent the decomposition of bone as time goes by.

An additional drawback of traditional dentures is that they may require refitting or replacement due to the aging process as well as the jaw changing shape as a result of bone decay. Happily, by caring for dental implants properly through sufficient oral hygiene, they can last forever.

Due to their longevity, dental implants are a wise expenditure in a patient’s oral health and overall well-being. Most patients qualify for implants in order to correct the problem of absent teeth. People who have sustained progressive bone loss, however, could possibly need to undergo bone grafting.

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