How to Treat and Prevent Cavities in Teeth!

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Those committed to a clean and healthy smile often find that even brushing and flossing may not yield the comprehensive results they desire. Food and plaque is sometimes not effectively removed from the nooks, grooves or back areas of teeth. For those who want to take the extra step, Dr. Lattinelli and Associates recommend adding sealants to your dental care and prevention plan. Liquid sealants can be “painted” onto the tooth, bonding onto the depressions of the teeth and providing a protective safeguard over the tooth enamel, further working to prevent tooth decay. Manhattan Sealants are applied in a painless and easy process, and require only a few minutes per tooth to apply.

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Because of the likelihood of developing decay in premolars and molars, children and teenagers between the ages of 6 and 14 are often good candidates for the sealant process, as they are often cavity prone during those years. In some instances, dental sealants may also be appropriate for baby teeth which have deep creases and grooves. Although baby teeth will eventually be lost, they play a vital role in proper spacing of permanent teeth, and as such keeping them healthy as long as they remain in the mouth is important. Adults who wish additional protection are always good candidates for this dental procedure.

Sealants can preserve teeth for up to 10 years, but Dr. Lattinelli will check for chips or signs of wearing at regular checkups and determine what is the appropriate remedy.  As many insurance companies will cover the application of dental sealants, those interested should check with their insurance carrier regarding their plan's coverage. Dr. Lattinelli and Associates provides quality dental care and specialized dental services to the Upper East Side and beyond; wherever you are in Manhattan, it is worth the trip to visit Dr. Lattinelli's Upper East Side Dental office for superior dental service.