April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month

While it’s sometimes not discussed at great lengths, oral cancer is a very real and viable threat. Each year there are upwards of 54,000 cases, as reported by the American Cancer Society. The entire month of April is focused on the increased awareness of oral cancer as well as the actions we can take to help prevent it. Knowing what the early warning signs are can mean all the difference between life and death. 


Dental Health During Pregnancy

Proper and consistent oral care is important for everyone and the same holds true for pregnant women. Maintaining dental health is absolutely crucial during pregnancy as it is not only vital for you, but for the health of your unborn baby, too.


Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

This process, otherwise known as teeth bleaching, is applied in order to whiten and brighten teeth from discoloration and staining and is easily performed at a dental office. Consult with your dentist to find out if you are a good candidate for teeth whitening. 


Cosmetic Dentistry & General Dentistry

You may think dentistry is dentistry, but there are actually different types that you can benefit from. Keep reading to learn the difference between cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry.


The Pros and Cons of Dental Implants

Your smile is one of the first things people notice. Making sure it looks good is of great concern to many. While brushing, flossing, and getting a routine check-up is important, sometimes, the unforeseen happens. If you’re thinking of getting dental implants to restore your smile to its original form, good for you. However, just like any big decision you decide to make, there are pros and cons. We’ve made a brief list that looks at the advantages and disadvantages of a dental implant procedure.


Is It Safe To Get Dental Care During The Pandemic?

We’ve all experienced very serious delays, hindrances, and inconveniences because of precautions and mandates related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some more so than others, but the whole ordeal has left many people uncertain as to whether they can still access essential medical services, including dental care.


What to Expect During Your Routine Dental Visit

Many people avoid dental visits because they are afraid of the unknown. Dr. Lattinelli explains what to expect during your routine dental visit so you can feel prepared for your appointment.


Create a Healthy Dental Routine for Your Family

Adhering to a healthy dental routine each and every day is extremely important. The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly disrupted everyone’s normal daily schedules and knocked structure as we had known it right off of its proverbial feet. Unfortunately, oral hygiene regimes have been affected like everything else and have sort of fallen a lot lower on the list of priorities nowadays. Dr. Lattinelli offers a number of smart suggestions that can get everyone back on track in terms of maintaining a healthy dental routine that is conducive to taking care of overall health as well.

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Getting enough sleep contributes to good health of the immune system. It is important to set the times you go to bed and wake up to ensure you have the appropriate number of hours of sleep that your body requires to feel energized.

Brushing Teeth

Brushing teeth twice per day along with flossing once a day is recommended. Utilizing a timer is a practical and fun method to be certain that children brush their teeth for a minimum of two minutes.


ticking with a diet that eliminates sugary foods and beverages is highly beneficial to every facet of your health. Junk food, including sodas, only provides empty calories without nutritional benefits; therefore, fruits and vegetables are much better options than cookies and chips when it comes to snacking.


It is vital to get young children into the habit of reaching for water rather than unhealthy sugary drinks in order to quench their thirst.

Routine Appointments

Schedule dental appointments every six months for routine checkups and cleanings for yourself and your family.

Dental Concerns

Contact your dentist immediately if you notice any odd or unusual changes to your oral health or if any type of problem occurs in between your regular visits.

Dr. Lattinelli’s esteemed dental practice is top-shelf in terms of the care that patients continuously receive. We are conveniently located at 121 East 60th Street in Manhattan, NY. Please contact us at (212) 752-7188 to schedule an appointment. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff provides comfort and peace of mind to all of the clients we proudly serve.

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Why You Should Invest in a Smile Makeover

Today, the world feels like it is moving faster than it ever has, from emails, to Zoom meetings, to trying to binge-watch every single piece of content on Netflix. The mind never gets a moment to relax and that’s just one of the many reasons why some may forget to pay extra attention to their teeth. It’s not always easy to smile when you’re adjusting a laptop camera for that Zoom meeting. But there are actually plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t wait and get around to working on the teeth behind that smile.

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Fix Your Oral Health

It may sound like a pretty conceited thing to do to put an emphasis on things like teeth whitening and straightening to make your smile look nicer, but the truth is, underneath the cosmetic benefits of investing in your smile, you’re actually killing two birds with one stone in taking care of your oral health as well. Whenever you go to the dentist for work, you’re getting a cleaning and an overall assessment of your teeth. This can help to prevent current and long-term problems, in turn fixing and taking care of your oral health. Making your smile look nicer is just the cherry on top.

Wow Everyone You Meet

When it comes to having great teeth behind your smile, you tend to make great first impressions. When you have a smile with pearly whites, it reflects well on how you take care of yourself which also leads to building a certain level of trust in the process. It’s always good to make a great first impression, and your smile is the gateway for that.

Climb The ladder at Work

And last but not least, a nice smile can actually help you achieve more at work. That sounds pretty crazy but there’s actually some science to it. A study at Loyola Marymount University proved that those with teeth whitening were 50% more likely to get the job that they were interviewing for. There you have it, if you were ever wondering just why that one job never called you back, maybe it’s time to book an appointment with the dentist.

How to get it done

Here are some services you can get to help make your smile the best it can be:

Dr. Joseph Lattinelli and his team has been helping patients find their smile for many years. We’ve become a staple in our community in saving one tooth at a time. If you’re looking into dental implants or need a dental-work appointment, then give us a call at 212-752-7188. We’re located at 121 East 60th Street, NY 10022.

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How to Create A Healthy Dental Routine

It is common to brush your teeth and get on with your business without asking yourself, how many times should I brush my teeth? Do I have a dental plan? What should I do to make my smile better and healthier? Regularly ensuring that you clean your teeth and watch everything you put in your mouth can be vital towards good dental health and a bright smile.

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To guarantee the well-being of your teeth, you and your family must adhere to a strict daily oral hygiene routine. Taking a little time off your busy schedule to look after your teeth can be the key to a bright smile, resulting in more confidence as you talk with different people all day long. Though it could be challenging to stick to your dental routine, brushing early in the morning and in the evening goes a long way towards good dental hygiene and health.

What to include in your dental routine

Since brushing is always the go-to method for dental hygiene, for it to be effective, one must at least brush twice a day. Since one is occupied with different tasks during the day, brushing in the morning and late in the evening before going to bed is recommended. It is also important to check whether your brush is good enough not to make all your brushing ineffective. If you consult a dental professional, they are likely to recommend switching your toothbrush after two or three months at the latest.

Another vital dental hygiene practice that should be on everybody's list should be flossing. Many people consider flossing for the elderly without carefully asking themselves about the benefits of dental flossing. Most people, after eating, usually take a glass of water and assume that is enough to get rid of food particles in the mouth. Getting food particles out that are stuck between teeth might prove challenging if you are using a toothbrush. However, flossing after meals is the most effective way of removing plaque and food particles.

Brushing your teeth and rinsing with water gets the job done when dealing with cavities. To properly eradicate the left lingering bacteria in the moth, even after brushing, you need to think outside the box. A dental expert is an excellent way to assess different effective options, such as a dental mouth wash. After brushing your teeth, rinse twice for 40 seconds for healthier teeth and better oral health.

Why you need to see a dentist regularly.

Prevention is always the best way to ensure that you stay ahead of any dental issue. Scheduling regular visits to the dentist are vital to your oral health's well-being and give you access to professional consultation and solutions to all dental-related issues.

Dr. Lattinelli’s practice is situated at 121 East 60th Street in Manhattan, NY and may be reached by calling (212) 752-7188. Contact us today to and book an appointment with a dental expert. Your dental and oral wellness is our priority.

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