Caring for your Baby’s Teeth!

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Lenox Hill Baby Teeth | Manhattan Dental Office

Manhattan Dental OfficeWhen you have a new baby, the care and attention required is almost endless! Don’t forget that your baby’s tiny teeth need attention, just like yours. Our cosmetic dentist has a few easy steps to add to your your daily routine with baby, and establish good dental habits early in life. You can even start oral care before those adorable baby teeth come in.

Before baby teeth show the first signs of arriving, use a soft, moistened washcloth or gauze to gently wipe down your baby’s gums at least twice a day. This is especially important after feedings and before bedtime. This will wash off any bacteria that may be clinging to the gums. If it isn’t wiped off it can create a sticky plaque that damages infant teeth as they grow in.

When those tiny buds of teeth do start breaking through the surface, it’s time to start using a toothbrush. Be sure to choose one appropriate for babies, and look for a toothbrush with a soft brush, small head and a large handle. At first, just use a wet toothbrush with no paste. Then you can start using a tiny amount of toothpaste, moving up to about a pea sized amount of toothpaste when the child is three. Brush gently all around baby’s mouth, front and back. It’s up to you to care for your baby’s teeth until they can brush and rinse without assistance, usually around the age of 6. Make sure your baby visits our Upper East Side dentist by the age of one for a checkup, and they will be on their way to a lifetime of good oral habits.