Caring for your Dentures

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Today's dentures are made from advanced materials. If you recently received a brand new pair of dentures, you'll want to keep them Tribeca Cosmetic Dentsitlooking their best. Like natural teeth, dentures must be cared for the same way with brushing and dentist visits. Brushing your dentures cleans off plaque, food, and other debris  that can be harmful to your mouth and your dentures. Unclean or distorted dentures can cause infections of severe irritation. Visiting our Upper East Side dental office allow a licensed professional to deep clean and make any adjustments and changes to your dentures to ensure they continue fitting comfortably and safely. 

Rinsing and brushing your dentures after every meal and soaking them in denture solution every night keeps you dentures in their best shape and allows your gums to breathe. There are several simple cleaning techniques you can utilize to keep your dentures their cleanest. To brush your dentures, you can use either a slightly abrasive toothpaste, soap and water, or denture cream. Avoid using abrasive chemicals and paste as well as scrubbing your dentures too hard as this can cause them to crack or scratch. Always clean your dentures with cool or lukewarm water so as not to warp the dentures. Make sure to place a washcloth beneath your dentures during cleaning so they don't break if they fall. Soak your dentures overnight in commercially available products like Efferdent or Polident; always rinse them before your next use. Finally, use a separate toothbrush to clean you natural teeth and your gums. If you don't have any teeth, a soft washcloth can be used to wipe you gums. 

Over time, your denture cleaning habits will become second nature and will lead to long denture life and a healthy mouth. Our professional dentist staff is here to provide you with the quality care you need, whether you have new, old, partial, or a full set or dentures. For more information on denture care and our services, contact our Manhattan dental office today.