Office Disinfection Policies for Dr. Lattinelli

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Dr. Lattinelli is very concerned about the health and welfare of our patients and staff in NYC. During the current COVID-19 pandemic our attention to cleanliness and hygiene is further heightened. We have always used careful cleaning and sterilization techniques for our patient safety. Here are some of the steps we take to provide a safe environment for our patients.

Why Flossing Your Teeth is Important

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Flossing is important and it’s something that’s been drilled into our minds from a very young age. Flossing on a regular basis helps remove plaque and prevents tartar from forming which is caused due to the built-up plaque in our mouth. This happens when food particles get stuck on our teeth and it stays stuck for a long time because …

March 6th Marks National Dentist’s Day

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March 6th is National Dentist’s Day. In 2020, this dentist commemoration date falls on a Friday and that is certainly a day for us to celebrate healthy gums, shiny teeth, and strong teeth. Our team at Dr. Lattinelli suggests doing some or all of the following activities to check out this Friday, March 6th as a great one.

What Are Dental Veneers?

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Dr. Lattinelli uses dental veneers in his practice to help patients with minor tooth defects or damage. What are dental veneers and how can they help you?

Why Dental Health is Important

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Routine visits to the dentist do more than help you keep your teeth clean. Caring for your oral health can actually help you maintain your overall health. Learn why dental health is important by reading on.

Why You Should Get Invisalign

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Are you unsatisfied with your smile? Is your bite unaligned? Are you interested in straighter teeth? If you are answered any of these questions with “yes,” you should consider Invisalign. To learn why you should get Invisalign, keep on reading.

Why You Should Make Dr. Lattinelli Your Trusted Dentist

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Dr. Lattinelli and his staff welcome you to become part of our dental family. Why should you make Dr. Lattinelli your trusted dentist? There are several reasons: Our professional staff works hard to maintain the highest levels of accreditation and continues their education to always offer the latest techniques and methods of dental care. We are conveniently located on the …