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7 Steps to a Better Smile!

October 17, 2016

Upper East Side Steps to Better Smile | Manhattan Dental Office


Many of us desire a bright, healthy, perfect smile. Pearly whites can help us to appear younger, healthier, and more attractive, but they can also help improve our overall health. So, who wouldn't want a better smile? Everyday Health collected a list of seven steps towards a better smile, so check out their tips, tricks, and advice by reading on.

1. Brush regularly

Brushing on a regular basis "removes food particles that bacteria feed on, cleans teeth, and freshens breath," according to Everyday Health. The ideal amount of time one should spend brushing their teeth is two minutes, says Jonathan Abenaim, DDS, a dentist in private practice in Hawthorne, New Jersey. If you use an electric toothbrush, it may have a built-in two-minute timer that can help you achieve the proper amount of brushing time.

2. Flossing daily

Flossing removes the food and bacteria that brushing cannot. By reaching between your teeth, floss can help prevent gum disease. It is most effective when used once or twice a day, so make an attempt to include flossing in your daily routine.

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3. Visit your dentist

Bi-annual dental cleanings are important, so make an attempt to get to the dentist at least twice a year. Not only will your dentist provide you with a thorough cleaning, but they will also be able to detect any problems you may have before they worsen, including gum disease and cavities. For certain individuals, more frequent dental visits may be required. Be sure to consult with your dentist to gain a better understanding of how often you should visit, and always reach out to a dentist if you are experiencing any trouble or sensitivity within your mouth.

4. Eat healthy

A healthy diet can lead to a healthy mouth. Foods that are rich in calcium, such as dairy, sardines, and kale, contribute to strong bones and teeth. Additionally, foods rich in vitamin C, such as fruit, boost the health of your gums. Avoid foods that are sugary, sticky, and are difficult to get out of your teeth. These are likely to cause harmful bacteria. If you do decide to treat yourself to an unhealthy snack, attempt to brush immediately afterward or rinse your mouth with water, according to Herman Waldman, DDS.

5. Don't smoke or use tobacco

Smokers are "four times more likely than nonsmokers to have gum disease," according to a study performed by the Journal of Periodontology. Tobacco products can also lead to bad breath, halitosis, and even oral cancers, so stay clear of this harmful habit.

6. Whiten your teeth

For cosmetic reasons, teeth whitening is a great step towards achieving the perfect smile. Many products on the market are safe when used as directed and under a dentist’s supervision. Be sure to consult with your dentist before using whitening supplies, just to be sure your teeth and gums are healthy enough.

7. Consider cosmetic procedures

If you feel your teeth need some additional assistance to achieve the confidence and appearance you desire, consider cosmetic procedures. Cosmetic dentistry has experienced significant advances, so you can safely and easily work with a dentist to achieve the perfect smile.

At the office of Joseph C. Lattinelli, DMD, we can help you with these seven steps toward a better smile. Whether you are seeking a dental cleaning or considering cosmetic dentistry, we would love to work with you in creating a beautiful, healthy smile. To get in touch with us, feel free to request an appointment by calling (212) 752-7188.

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