Preventive & Diagnostic Services

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The practice of general dentistry encompasses a wide range of preventive and diagnostic treatments and procedures. Good dental health is all about keeping your teeth and gums healthy, but also quickly determining a small dental problem before it turns into a big one.

Preventive care includes routine visits for cleaning and inspection of your teeth and mouth. We will thoroughly clean your teeth and give you a winning smile. While you relax, we also inspect your teeth, gums, and mouth for a wide range of potential problems, including:

  • loose teeth
  • mouth sores
  • bite problems
  • unusual teeth discoloration that can indicate underlying issues
  • unusual gum recession

If any issues are seen, we will discuss them with you and work out a treatment plan. This is where the diagnostic part of dentistry comes into play. Our hygienists and dentists are trained to look for and recognize a wide range of dental issues you may not be aware of and help you restore your good dental health. Diagnostics are also used anytime you tell us you have any teeth or mouth pain. Dental pain is not something you should ignore, and if dealt with promptly may be of minimal concern to you. Ignoring chronic mouth pain can lead to more complicated or expensive restoration or dental surgery, so let us know if you have any discomfort when you come in for routine procedures.

We can provide you a wide range of dental services here at Dr. Lattinelli’s practice. They can include:

  • general cleaning and exams
  • tooth fillings
  • extractions
  • therapy for gum disease
  • night guards (do you grind your teeth at night?)
  • snoring and sleep apnea diagnosis and therapy

Mouth guards are an important safety item for anyone in the sports field. Injuries to teeth resulting from an impact on an unprotected face or jaw can be extensive. Having a proper mouth or sports guard is important for all persons, but particularly for children involved in sports activities.

When you come to our office, we will take the time to carefully check your jaw position as we take a dental imprint. That imprint is then used to create a flexible mouth guard that you or your children will find comfortable and will fit well. Having the guard designed by our dental professionals will ensure a proper fit to give you maximum protection. Don’t risk buying a generic mouth guard when you can get the best from Dr. Lattinelli!

We are always available to answer any questions you have about dental procedures, your dental health, proper brushing techniques and equipment, and any other dental-related issues you have. We look forward to helping you keep good dental health for your lifetime, so don’t hesitate to contact our Upper East Side cosmetic dentist office.